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Governing Legislation

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The Authority’s enabling legislation, Senate Bill 576 (SB 576), details the composition, charge, powers functions, and responsibilities of the Authority.

The Authority’s transportation funding stream was established through House Bill 2313 (HB 2313). In order to be eligible to receive regional funding from the Authority, as mandated in HB 2313, all projects must be contained in the Authority’s long-range transportation plan, and have been rated under the House Bill 599 (HB 599) Rating and Evaluation process, or mass transit capital projects that increase capacity. The HB 599 process was not applicable for regional revenues programmed in the FY2014 Program. When House Bill 1470 (HB 1470) was passed, it required that in addition to being contained in the Authority’s long-range transportation plan, all projects funded with regional revenues must undergo the HB 599 rating process. Additionally, any projects requesting funding from both the Authority and the State must undergo the HB 2 prioritization process.

More information about these legislative items and additional legislative items formerly or currently relevant to the Authority can be found on subsequent pages.