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<h2>TransAction 2040 Update</h2>

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NVTA_TransActionLogo+Tag_3CIn August 2015, the Authority embarked on a major update to TransAction 2040, the first in the post-HB 2313 (2013) era.  This update is significant as all projects funded with the 70% regional revenues, as provided in the historic HB 2313 (2013) transportation funding bill, must be in the Authority’s long-range transportation plan.  HB 2313 generates an estimated $340 million annually in local and regional transportation funding to Northern Virginia.

The updated plan – to be known simply as TransAction – was adopted on October 12, 2017 and informs the Authority’s inaugural Six Year Program covering the FY 2018-23 period.  The update process is expected to last two years.  When adopted, the TransAction update will provide a multi-modal guide for transportation investments in Northern Virginia and will be the mechanism through which over $1.4 billion will be allocated to much needed regional transportation improvements for six fiscal years.

Public outreach and public participation is crucial during our updates to Northern Virginia’s long range transportation plan.  Learn how to get involved!

NVTA releases update Benchmark Survey results on what Northern Virginians think about transportation.  Learn more about the survey.

TransAction Vision and Goals