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NVTA is Planning for the Future of Bus Rapid Transit

NVTA is preparing a Preliminary Deployment Plan (PDP) for a regional Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The PDP-BRT is a pivotal plan that will serve as a vital link between TransAction and NVTA’s Six-Year Program, streamlining the funding process for NVTA member jurisdictions and partner agencies. The plan’s primary goal is to facilitate a seamless connection of current and future BRT segments, that once complete, will guarantee a consistent and comprehensive regional approach for future deployment throughout the next decade, ultimately allowing NVTA to achieve its Vision for Northern Virginia.

What Is BRT?

BRT is a bus-based transit system that delivers fast, frequent and reliable transit service.

A connected BRT system will provide Northern Virginia with:

  • New travel options / alternatives to driving
  • Reduced travel times
  • Improved access to jobs and destinations
  • Increased economic growth

How It Works

From Vision to Reality

  • Approximately $10 billion in BRT/High-Capacity Transit (HCT) projects are outlined in TransAction, the long-range transportation plan for Northern Virginia
  • Projects included in TransAction are eligible to receive NVTA Regional Revenue funding through a biannual funding program called the Six Year Program
  • Anticipated adoption of the FY2024-2029 Six Year Program: July 2024
  • Approved projects in the Six Year Program can potentially leverage NVTA’s Regional Revenues to secure other funding sources

It’s About Time

NVTA’s long-range plan for Northern Virginia, TransAction, outlines a vision for a game-changing Regional Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System, to reduce congestion, improve air quality, spur economic growth and more! Learn how NVTA is bringing that vision to reality in NoVA and beyond in this video.