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Five-Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Overview

As the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority looks ahead, this five-year strategic plan will serve as a guide for the Authority members and staff to expand upon accomplishments and outline strategic goals of regional prosperity, mobility, innovation and funding.  The presentation of each goal contains a preface to provide context and clarity to the goal, strategies and related actions.  Achievement of these goals will ensure the Authority is continuing to grow and strengthen as the regional leader for transportation planning, programming and funding.  As this is the first strategic plan for the Authority, staff will report progress on an annual basis to ensure the Authority is the regional planning leader for multimodal transportation.  The following goals and vision were adopted by the Authority on September 8, 2016.

  1. Regional Prosperity:  Foster regional prosperity by investing in a sustainable transportation network that supports economic growth, while balancing quality of life.
  2. Mobility:  Through sound planning and programming, increase transportation connectivity and available transportation options to reduce congestion.
  3. Innovation:  Lead region in planning and advocating for emerging transportation technologies which address future transportation, work place and development trends.
  4. Funding:  Support transportation infrastructure development through excellent stewardship of tax payer dollars, maximizing opportunities from existing sources, and advocating for additional transportation revenues.

View the comprehensive Five-Year Strategic Plan, adopted on November 9, 2017.

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