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Business Opportunities

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority is requesting proposals from qualified firms to develop a cloud-based online Program Monitoring and Management System (PMMS). The PMMS will support the selection and oversight of NVTA-funded projects. Currently this is a largely manual process. The PMMS includes three components:

  1. Online Project Application – to replace the current manual project application process with a secure online application form.
  2. Project/Standard Project Agreement (SPA) Status Monitoring – to streamline and enhance the workflow of monthly/quarterly project activity monitoring and reporting.
  3. Project Dashboard – web-based, public-facing dashboard to present selected data/information gathered in components A and B to Northern Virginians, in a visually engaging and interactive manner.

Component A will be developed and delivered in Phase 1. Components B and C will be developed and delivered Phase 2 (beginning on or soon after July 1, 2019).   While implementation of the PMMS has been divided into two phases for funding reasons, it is essential that the system be conceived and developed as an integrated system. The development of components B and C must be considered during Phase 1.

Proposals are due by 12pm (noon) on October 5, 2018.  A mandatory pre-proposal meeting is scheduled for September 17.  Interviews with shortlisted firms are scheduled for October 15-16.

Click here to view the RFP.