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While the Authority’s long range transportation plan outlines a vision to address traffic congestion and other regional transportation priorities, its funding programs bring that vision to reality. Starting in July 2013, the Authority has moved decisively to program its new HB 2313 (2013) 70% Regional Revenues based on the vision and projects outlined in TransAction 2040, the current long range transportation plan. Three funding programs – for fiscal year (FY) 2014, FY2015-16 and FY2017– have already been adopted.

When adopted, the TransAction update will provide a multi-modal vision for transportation improvements in Northern Virginia and will be the mechanism through which over $1 billion will be allocated to much needed regional transportation improvements through the Authority’s inaugural Six Year Program for fiscal years 2018-2023.

The Authority does not program its 30% Local Distribution Revenues. Instead, these are distributed to member jurisdictions on a pro-rata basis. Member jurisdictions may use these revenues within the HB 2313 (2013) parameters identified below:

  • additional urban or secondary road construction;
  • for other capital improvements that reduce congestion;
  • for other transportation capital improvements which have been approved by the most recent long range transportation plan adopted by the Authority;
  • or for public transportation purposes.

Regional Funding Programs

The Authority has adopted three regional funding programs under TransAction 2040, Northern Virginia’s long-range transportation plan.  Following the update to TransAction in fall 2017, the Authority will adopt its first Six Year Program FY2018-2023.

FY2017 PROGRAM, Adopted July 14, 2016

FY2015-16 TWO YEAR PROGRAM, Adopted April 23, 2015

FY2014 PROGRAM, Adopted July 24, 2013

All Regional Revenue Projects Funded by the NVTA through the FY2014-17 Programs

Regional Funding Projects Status and Updates