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30% Local Projects

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HB 2313 requires that 30% of the revenues received by the NVTA be distributed to the member localities on a pro-rata basis, if they meet certain criteria set forth in HB 2313. Each member locality’s share is 30% of the total fees and taxes generated by or attributed to the locality. These revenues are deposited into the Local Distribution Fund, then disbursed to member localities as soon as practical. Localities can use their 30% Local Distribution Revenue for projects of their choice, within the following HB 2313 parameters:

  • additional urban or secondary road construction;
  • other capital improvements that reduce congestion;
  • other transportation capital improvements which have been approved by the most recent long range transportation plan adopted by the Authority; or
  • public transportation purposes.

Member localities have the option to save multiple years of this revenue to undertake larger projects. Annually, each locality must certify that the funds were only used under the provisions of HB 2313. Counties are required by law to work cooperatively with towns (with populations greater than 3,500) to ensure the towns receive their respective share of the 30% local revenues.


Click here for a Cumulative List of Projects Funded with NVTA 30% Local Funds (FY2014-FY2023)

*As of October 2023, $753,327,945 in NVTA Local Funds have been programmed by NoVA localities to invest in transportation needs.