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<h2>TransAction 2030</h2>

TransAction 2030 is an update of the Northern Virginia 2020 Transportation Plan. While incorporating recent changes in our transportation network, TransAction 2030 aims to prioritize all the transportation solutions presented in the 2020 Plan. The 2020 Plan itself was created as an answer to the growing problems with congestion in the Northern Virginia region. During the development of the 2020 Plan, citizens aided Northern Virginia’s transportation planners to map out a plan for making the vision a reality for the region’s transportation future.

Since the 2020 Plan was finalized in 1999, much has changed. Some projects have been completed; other regional transportation studies have been conducted; and congestion has increased on our roadways, HOV lanes, and transit systems. In addition, the region continues to face considerable transportation funding shortfalls.

The 2020 plan identified bus and rail transit, roadway, and non-motorized transportation needs throughout Northern Virginia – if implemented, these improvements could increase mobility and reduce congestion. However, the 2020 Plan did not prioritize these recommended improvements. This need for an ordered plan of action – this need for prioritization – has led to the creation of TransAction 2030.

View the Press Release: NVTA Approves TransAction 2030 Plan and the NVTA Resolution and TransAction 2030 Plan Final Project List for all of the details.

Washington Post Radio (107.7 FM/1500 AM) Interview with Chairman Chris Zimmerman and Vice Chairman Martin Nohe, 9/18/06 to discuss the TransAction 2030 Plan and the upcoming General Assembly special session on transportation.

This is where you – the Northern Virginia citizens – come in. The Project Team needs your help to prioritize the most needed transportation improvements in our region, and identify new ways to fund those improvements. Then, as funding becomes available, specific projects from TransAction 2030 will be submitted to the Commonwealth or the local jurisdiction for study, design, and construction, in coordination with planning conducted by state, county, city and regional transportation authorities.

TransAction 2030 Plan Goals:

  • Provide an integrated, multi-modal transportation system
  • Provide responsive transportation service to customers
  • Respect historical and environmental factors
  • Recognize the linkage between transportation and land use
  • Incorporate the benefits of technology
  • Identify funding and legislative initiatives needed to implement the Plan
  • Enhance Northern Virginia relationships among jurisdictions, agencies, the public, and the business community.

TransAction 2030 Plan Strategies:

  • Provide increased road and transit capacity;
  • Improve connections between activity centers;
  • Use technology for more efficient system operations; and
  • Maintain the existing system of maximum performance.