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Town of Hillsboro: Rt. 9 Reopening Ribbon-Cutting Celebration

Hillsboro Old Stone School Purcellville, Virginia

On May 27th, the Town of Hillsboro in Loudoun County announced it is officially reopened to 2-way traffic 24/7! This important NVTA-funded traffic calming/pedestrian safety project was completed in just a little over a year. The Town of Hillsboro will be hosting a Route 9 reopening ribbon-cutting celebration on June 18, 2021, declared by the Town as NVTA […]

Rethink9 Public Information Session

Hillsboro Old Stone School Purcellville, Virginia

VDOT Approves Path Forward for Town of Hillsboro’s Traffic Calming ProjectVDOT has made its decision on the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan based on the town and VDOT’s NOVA and Staunton district traffic experts data-driven analyses recommending the best and most efficient way to move forward in the least amount of time and with the […]