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Jurisdiction and Agency Coordinating Committee


  • The Authority may, in its discretion, form additional advisory committees.

NVTA Charge

  • This committee of jurisdiction and agency staff shall provide principal technical analyses, advice and recommendations to the NVTA on transportation projects and services, financial matters, regional transportation planning, long range transportation planning, air quality, legislation, and testimony to the CTB [Commonwealth Transportation Board], and provide principal interagency coordination for NVTA. The committee shall be responsible for developing the NVTA Six Year Program with assistance from the Planning Coordination Advisory Committee and review by the Technical Advisory Committee.


  • One staff person from each of the nine local jurisdictions that are members of NVTA; one staff person from each of the five towns represented on the Planning and Coordination Advisory Committee; one staff member from VDOT, DRPT, WMATA, VRE, NVTC, PRTC, NVRC, MWAA, and the NVTA Executive Director. Members shall be appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer or the Chief Executive Officer of each of the jurisdictions or agencies, or his/her designee. The chairman shall be a staff person from one of the NVTA member jurisdictions, selected by the committee members and approved by the NVTA. Support staff shall be provided by the NVTA Executive Director or his/her designee.