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FY2018-2023 Six Year Program

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The NVTA allocated its FY2014-2017 Regional Revenues through three separate funding programs, referred to as the FY2014, FY2015-16, and FY2017 Programs. Projects included in each of these funding programs were selected from TransAction 2040, the Authority’s long range transportation plan, adopted in November 2012. TransAction 2040 was replaced by a new long range transportation plan, referred to simply as TransAction, in October 2017. Following adoption of this updated version of TransAction on October 12, 2017, NVTA will develop its inaugural Six Year Program for FY2018-23, beginning with its FY2018 revenues. Subsequently, the Six Year Program will be updated every two years.

Current Status

Currently, 62 candidate regional projects are under consideration for the Authority’s FY2018-23 Six Year Program. The funding request associated with these candidate projects is approximately $2.6 billion; an average of more than $41 million per project.  In keeping with the Authority’s track record of investing in multi-modal transportation improvements, these candidate projects include a broad range of modal components, such as pedestrian, bicycle, transit, rail, intersection improvements, highway improvements, park and ride, and transportation technologies. Below is a map of the candidate projects and a link to our more detailed list.

View a hi-res PDF of the SYP Candidate Project map.

View the FY2018-23 SYP Candidate Project List.


Six Year Program Milestones (subject to Authority approval): 

  • October 12, 2017 — Call for Regional Transportation Projects
    • Northern Virginia’s jurisdictions and agencies can now apply for regional transportation projects to be funded through the NVTA’s FY 2018-2023 Six Year Program. View the application now.
  • Noon, December 15, 2017 — Deadline for project applications (excludes Governing Body resolutions)
  • Noon, January 19, 2018 — Deadline for Governing Body resolution(s) of support.
    • Note: The purpose of the later deadline for Governing Body resolutions is to provide some scheduling flexibility for jurisdictions and agencies during the Holiday season.  Whether this additional time is needed to pass a resolution for a jurisdiction’s own applications, or in support of another jurisdiction’s applications, is not material.
  • March 2018 — Authority approves date of Public Hearing for the FY2018-23 Six Year Program
  • April 2018 — Authority releases draft FY2018-23 Six Year Program for public comment; public comment period begins
  • May 2018 — Open House and Public Hearing for the FY2018-23 Six Year Program
  • May 2018 — Public comment period ends for FY2018-23 Six Year Program
  • June 2018 — Adoption of FY2018-23 Six Year Program


Six Year Program Framework 

This framework describes how TransAction and the FY2018‐2023 Six Year Program will be integrated, describes how the Six Year Program will be developed and identifies roles, responsibilities, schedule, and other aspects of the Six Year Program.

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